Now that our toddler son is 15 months, we want to encourage him into learning new words. We know this will take time however there is nothing wrong with encouraging him, especially when he is showing interest. He really likes to bring picture books to me and watches and listens as I point to the picture saying what it is. Only problem is he has only two books which are both waterproof and tear proof. So I got to thinking of making him something that would give a similar effect.

This is what I came up with:

 Homemade Picture BoardsHomemade Picture Boards

Materials Needed For This Project are shown here:

Homemade Picture Boards

- 1 piece of stiff cardboard ( I got mine from an empty detergent box)
- 2 sheets of paper 
- pictures from magazines, food flyers, or stickers
- scissors
- glue
- tape

How to put this together:

1. Cut cardboard to fit the paper.

2. Glue a sheet of paper on each side of the cardboard.

3. Cut out pictures and either glue them or tape them to the paper. The tape will give it a more lasting result. 

That's it!!!

Homemade, very simple and costs virtually nothing as most materials are already on hand or from recycled items.

Have a wonderful day :)