Uses For Vaseline

Before our son was born I made sure I had purchased all the necessary products needed for a newborn. One of these products was Vaseline. Just the plain petroleum jelly. I purchased a large tub as it was more cost effective. I had planned on using this on our son between diaper changes. Apparently though it is not healthy for the cloth diapers. So I decided to try and keep it away. He is now 14 months old and I have not had to use it on him.

So what to do with this large jar of Vaseline??


For around the home:

1. Stop pesky squeeky door hindges. Rub vaseline inside the hindges. 
2. Save wrist strain from tight lids on jars. This happens to me quite frequently.  For less effort rub some vaseline between the lid and the jar. It will open much easier now.
3. Repair minor scratches in wooden furniture.  Cover the scratch with a generous amount of vaseline and leave it for 24 hours.  Then rub into wood and wipe away excess.  Polish as usual. 
4. Use inside candle holderd to prevent wax from sticking. Just rub vaseline inside the candle holders. 
5. For a quick shine to leather shoes.  Wipe vaseline over shoes and then wipe with a soft cloth to remove any excess. 
6. To open a stuck lock. Apply some vaseline to the key. Try to open the lock. If the lock is still stuck repeat process until it opens. 

For personal uses:

1. Help prevent diaper rashes. Rub a small amount on baby's bottom prior to putting on diaper.  This will keep moisture off the skin. 
2. Use on your skin in cold weather.  Apply to skin to stop windburn and chapping. 
3. Use as a chapstick/lip balm in cold weather.  Helps heal and retain moisture in dry and chapped lips.  
4. Make a flavored lip gloss.  Combine a little jelly with powdered kool aid. Or for a chocolate flavor combine one chocolate chip with a dab of jelly in the microwave.  Apply to lips.  
5. To soften the rough skin of feet. Rub them with vaseline, cover with socks and leave overnight.
6. To help those rough feeling elbows and knees. Apply daily to help prevent dryness and cracks.
7. Make an inexpensive exfoliating scrub. Mix some jelly with a little sugar or sea salt. Then scrub away.
8. Use as a hair conditioner. Apply vaseline to hair scalp prior to shampooing. This can also help prevent scaling and itching associated with dandruff to occur. 
9. To keep hair dye out of your face. place some vaseline along your hairline to prevent the dye from reaching your skin. 
10. Remove chewing gum from hair. Work vaseline into the hair where the gum is located. The gum should come out.
11. Use to remove make-up. Just apply over make-up and then wipe off.
12. Remove make-up stains from clothing.  Before washing, blot vaseline on the stain. Wash as usual.  
13. Keep perfume scent lasting longer.  Apply a thin layer of vaseline to where you will apply the purfume. Then spray purfume over the vaseline.  
14. To loosen a stuck ring finger. Rub finger with vaseline. The ring should slide off easily. 

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  1. Wow I never realized that there was so many uses for Vaseline. My mother always kept a jar at the house. I haven't had it in my house for a long time. Guess it's time to buy a jar. Thanks for sharing those tips.

  2. I know...isn't it amazing. So inexpensive too!
    Thank you :)

  3. Such a useful post! Thanks for sharing...

  4. I use it on my heels all the time. During the summer, I buy socks at the dollar store and only use the part around my heel so my feet don't get too warm.
    I love the rest of the tips though!

  5. Hey there! I had no idea that you could use vaseline on the furniture and on the door hinges. Me and my husband say from time to time that we need to get some WD40 to spray on the doors. I will have to tell him about this vaseline idea! Thanks for linking up to the Mommy Monday hop. Following you now on social media and on blog lovin' :)

    1. Hi :)
      Thank you! It has done me wonders so far. I had no idea of its many uses.

  6. This is a great list. I bought a huge tub of Vaseline for my baby a few years ago. I thought I would need it for his circumcision and ended up not needing it. So now I have a huge jar of Vaseline sitting under my sink in the bathroom. I will have to try this on my icky feet.