In our home we consume a healthy amount of yogurt.  Of course that leaves us with many empty yogurt containers. We use single serving cup sizes. At first I was throwing most of the containers in the trash. I was getting a little irritated by this. I know that might sound crazy but I am one of these people who keep anything from ending up in the trash if I can find some use for it.  

Yesterday I did a project with my son. He is 14 months and loves to explore and feel things with his hands. 

I filled three yogurt cups with water and added some food coloring. Then I placed one smsll item in each cup and put them in the freezer. 

After they froze I removed the chucks of ice from the containers for my son to explore and play with.  I put them in a large bowl and added a little plain water so that when the started to melt he would see the water change colors.


As the ice began to melt and he was able to see the items it was fun to watch him trying to figure out how to get the items.  


Both he and I enjoyed this project. 

I also use empty yogurt containers for the following:

1. Snack cups (biscuits,  raisins)
2. Single serving jello, puddings)
3. Ice pops using the mini sized cups. If you have the cups without a lid just use some aluminium foil to keep the popsicle stick in place.
4. Use to store small items (buttons,  coins, paper clips)
5. Use as stacking toys 
6. Use for bath time play.  Poke some holes in the bottom of container for added fun.
7. Use as a mold for building sand / snow castles
8. Store homemade paints

Other uses I have not yet tried:

1. Plant seedlings
2. Use as a template to make a circle
3. Store nails, screws, bolts
4. Create a funnel.  Poke a small hole at the bottom to pour liquid into a bottle.
5. Use as measuring cups
6. Use as a scoop for pet foods

Are you currently recycling your yogurt containers? If so would you like to share your uses for them?