Another very hot day!
Best drink for a hot day of course is water. However sometimes we tend to want something with flavor and a little sweetness.

Awe lets see...
Looking inside the refrigerator I noticed I had some left over cream. The milk was soon to be expired. 

Real hard thinking has started now...
Onto the freezer, there are frozen mangoes and bananas. 

Frozen banana mango smoothies it is...

Without having an actual recipe to follow,
I have measured out the following:

1 cup of ice
3/4 cup of cream
(1 tablespoon sugar, one teaspoon vanilla mixed in)
1 cup milk 
1 large frozen banana sliced
1 large frozen mango chopped

Place all ingredients in blender. Blend until mixture is creamy and frosty. Add more milk if you feel the mixture is too thick. I added in an extra cup of milk and my mixture was still fairly thick.

The end result!
These were more tastier than I thought they would be.