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Get Pantry Design Inspiration with EasyClosets


Get Pantry Design Inspiration with EasyClosets 

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The kitchen is the one room in our home that always seems to fall apart shortly after being cleaned and organized. Often I find myself re-organizing the pantry more often than is normal. This can take up so much time and effort than should be required. On top of that our kitchen is quite small and there is very little cupboard space.

I have also noticed that since our family has grown I have a need for more items in our pantry. I tend to try and cook most meals from scratch which adds an abundance of ingredients to our cupboards. It can be very challenging when trying to organized different varieties of spices, powders, cans, and packaged goods.

Although an organized pantry or kitchen isn’t always accomplished overnight, here are some quick and simple tips to help ease you into the process:

#1 - Designate cabinets for specific items

This will make finding things that much easier when you’re in a hurry. For example, designate a cabinet just for baking staples, or another for canned goods.

#2 - Include baskets and drawers in your pantry.

Wire baskets they let you see what’s inside, and drawers help keep items organized.

#3 - Place all related things together.

For example, keep all spices, cleaning supplies, and other random items together in their particular groups. If need be, label the containers.

#4 - Keep pantry items visual for quick inventory.

Sort by food type and turn food labels outward, allowing you to see what you have before heading to the grocery store.

#5 - Place frequently used items where they can be easily accessed.

Place pots, pans and hot pads next to the stove and oven, and silverware next to the dishwasher.

A little more about EasyClosets:

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Which of the four above kitchen pantry designs are your favorite? Do you feel inspired?

Get pantry design inspiration with EasyClosets


I love how organized these kitchens look! It's great inspiration for anyone out there looking for some nice decorations

The kitchen is the busiest room in the house and it's where all the traffic is! I really would love to have an organized kitchen, and these tips are pretty useful! Thanks!

Everything looks so organized and pretty!! Thanks for sharing this.

Love all of the looks! This post is inspiring me to organize my pantry!!

It looks a great decoration for the house.

Having specific cabinets for specific items is what helps keep our home very organized as things aren't just all over the place

Baskets in my pantry help immensely! My favorite use is for lunch snacks for the kids.

These are the kitchen pantries that dreams are made of. I can't wait to own my own kitchen.

This post is definitely inspiring. I wish I had room for a pantry in my apartment. I'd have one similar to the 3rd one posted. They all look great though.

My kitchen and pantry need a desperate makeover. These are very inspiring, I think it's time to start planning.

Oh, I think I need to redecorate our pantry. These are very inspiring designs!

Placing related things together really helps me in my kitchen. I put the spices in a layer of rack and my condiments in another.

I realky love the good decorations. It has s good idea for my house

Those designs are teal neat and gorgeous. I bet any kitchen with that kind of design are so beautiful to look at.

I hear ya about the kitchen! I have the same issues, especially being a food blogger. It seems I can never get my kitchen clean and organized the way I want! These are some cute ideas!