Thursday, 26 March 2015

Caviar Now Delivers in Atlanta!


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A special shout-out to all you food lovers in Atlanta! Now, you can enjoy seriously good eats from some of Atlanta's best eateries while in your office or from the comfort of your own home. As of March 26th, 2015, Caviar is live in Atlanta!
Feel like breakfast in bed? Order authentic French crepes from Le Metro Creperie and Caviar will deliver them right to your front door. When it’s time for lunch, Caviar offers a smorgasbord selection, including: bustling noodle shop dishes from Dragon Bowl, mouthwatering barbeque from Smoke Ring, and soups and sandwiches from Stone Soup Kitchen. And let's not forget dinner and dessert! BLT Steak, Empire State South, and The Pie Shop are all on the delivery menu.

Caviar will bring these delectable dishes and many more to your home or office! Now that's what I call southern hospitality!

Is all this talk of delicious food making you hungry? Then hop on to Caviar and place your order - and remember to use code GOCAVIAR2OFF at checkout and get $2 off your order. You only have until March 31st, to use it. 
Code can only be used once per customer, on new orders only.

Think that about covers it. Now go visit Caviar and create your perfect meal! 


I could go for that kind of delivery for sure! I love how many restaurant options there are!

Oh this sounds very cool! So many options!

The foods looks great. Too bad I don't live in Atlanta.

Forwarding link to girlfriend who lives in ATL

Too bad I'm not in Atlanta. Great idea.

What a great option! Wish I lived in Atlanta, this sounds great!

What a great idea to have these tantalizing dishes delivered right to your door!

Dang, if I lived in Atlanta I'd try it!

Oh I love crepes! Not in my area though, bummer.

That is way awesome! I'll have to remember when I'm visiting Atlanta!

Now I kind of wish that I lived in Atlanta so that I could try that!

This is pretty cool! Ha, I too wish I lived in ATL.

Awesome! One of my BFFS lives in Atlanta. I'm sharing this with her so we can use it next time I visit! ;)

This look so yummy! Wish I lived in Atlanta