Thursday, 31 July 2014

5 Alternative Uses For Liquid Fabric Softener

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5 Alternative Uses For Liquid Fabric Softener

Since I started using vinegar for our cloth diapers and baby clothes I have also extended to our own clothing as well as towels and bedding. I believe that the vinegar gives our clothes a soft feeling just as well as the fabric softener does. I also found that using vinegar aids in eliminating detergent residue from our laundered items. 

Previously I had been using liquid fabric softener, however now I have no use for it in the laundry room. That leaves me with having a huge bottle of fabric softener just sitting there on top of the washing machine. It got me to thinking that there has to be some other use for this stuff. Along with researching and testing I am able to confirm that liquid fabric softener does have alternative uses. The following is what I found worked for me.

1. Make homemade air freshener/febreze. In a spray bottle fill with equal parts liquid softener and water. Mix well. 
2. Remove hard water stains from glass. Dab some liquid softener over the stained area and let soak for about 10 minutes. Wipe the softener off the surface with a damp cloth and rinse.
3. Get rid of static cling on your television. Add a little liquid softener to a cloth and wipe over surface.
4. Clean vinyl tiles. Add 1/4 cup to one gallon of water and wipe over floors.
5. Clean and repel dust at the same time. Mix together 1/4 cup of liquid softener to one cup of water. Dampen cloth with mixture and wipe surfaces.

Have you tried using liquid fabric softener outside the laundry room? What were the results?


Great tips! Thank you for sharing! I have never thought to use softener for anything other than it's labeled purpose. I love multi-useful things!

I could try the dusting one. Thank you.

This is the 2nd post this morning that I read about vinegar and using it to clean with. How much vinegar do you use in your clothes? We are going to try vinegar mixed with Dawn dish soap to clean the shower. Excited to have alternatives to harsh chemicals!

I like the idea of vinegar to soften clothes but part of why i use fabric softener is the nice smell it leaves, when i use vinegar to clean my windows it makes the room smell, doesn't it make your clothes stink?

Thank you Emily! Multi-useful things are awesome!

Using it for dusting is a great time saver as it helps to repel the dust from coming back so quickly!

Hi Susen!
I use half a cup of vinegar per full load of wash. It works for me. Some people I know will use a full cup though I fine half is just as effective. I too have turned away from most commercial cleaning products now that I know that cleaning with non-toxic products are just as effective not to mention cheaper too!!!

Hi Sally!
I have to agree that vinegar does have an odd smell. However it is a smell that fades away very quickly. Whenever I use it I can smell it but only very briefly. Vinegar also helps to remove any left over residue on clothes that may have been missed during rinsing.

Yes! I use vinegar in my laundry too. Also, if you don't over dry, there is no use for fabric softener. Great ideas.

Love this tip! Stupid question of the day...........What kind of vinegar do you use?

This is great, I had no idea fabric softener had other uses! I don't use any and have been wanting to try vinegar as well. Does it work well on your cloth diapers? I cloth diaper too, and have been wondering about that! Thanks for the great tips! :)

Thank you! I think when it comes to homemaking no question can be considered stupid. I use plain white vinegar and buy the large bulky size as I go through quite a bit.

Thank you Amanda!
Vinegar does work great with cloth diapers as it helps to eliminate any detergent residue that may be left on the diapers after rinsing. Also it cuts down on the amount of times the diapers need to be stripped. Hope that helps :)

Thank you for stopping by Roopini :)

That's really cool, I didn't know there were other uses for it :)

I don't use liquid fabric softener. Interesting list though. I had heard of some but never cleaning tiles.

Awesome tips Bismah! I especially love the air freshener idea! I adore the way fabric softener smells! Mmmmm

These are some great tips. Thank you for sharing. I will have to try this for hard water stains.

I haven't tried! Thanks for the suggestions!

I've never tried liquid softener! Thanks for sharing

I just learned something new, thanks :) I'll have to try to dust with fabric softener!

I'm going to have to try liquid softener. That is a great idea. Amber N

Great tips! I never though to use fabric softener for anything other than laundry!

Interesting! I read somewhere that you can also use liquid fabric softener to detangle/straighten doll hair when it becomes a crazy mess.

I don't buy this stuff, so I can't use these tips, but I bet others can!

Great tips thanks for sharing them @DearCreatives party. Hope to see you again this week. Pinning. Theresa

I didn't know you could this so many different ways! Thanks for sharing!