Disposable Baby Wipes - Reusable?

Just yesterday after washing a load of cloth diapers, I was hanging them out to dry when I noticed that I had accidentely washed some of the disposable liners I have been using.  To my surprise they looked just as they did when I first used them. Instead of throwing them away I kept them. They are perfect for cleaning my pet birds cages. Of course after that use I will throw them out. Much cheaper than using paper towels. I will continue to throw these wipes in the wash with my diapers, however I will not wash the stool soiled ones. I am sure there are other uses for these washed wipes as well.  

The brand of these wipes are Bummis. I am not sure whether or not all disposable wipes would hold up after a wash. But why not give it a go. 

For those of you using disposable wipes have you ever done something similar?  

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15 May 2013 at 04:09 delete

This is a neat discovery! I bet any kind of "wipe" could be washed and reused for not so sanitary cleaning like a bird cage. etc...
Found your awsome blog at Bloggy moms blog hop. Cant wait to read more of your post. also a new fb follower.

15 May 2013 at 04:14 delete

Hi Lisa
Thank you
I will check out your blog as well
Have a nice day :)

23 February 2015 at 04:26 delete

I have washed and reused paper towels before, they don't last nearly as long as my unpaper towels but in a pinch they work :)