Tuesday, 28 May 2013

DIY Ant Repellents

DIY Ant Repellents

This past week I found little ants crawling on my kitchen counter.  I felt so ashamed by this.  I know it is not uncommon to get ants here inside the home due to the hot climate.  Last summer I was using bug repellent spray to kill insects. However since I have started going green and simple on everything in life I can no longer use these highly toxic sprays. I have my family and myself to care for.

Turns out there are many non-toxic ways to get rid of these pesky little ants. The following is a list of six all natural items I always have on hand in my home which have been working for me thus far. Ants seem to hate the aromas from all of these causing them to scatter and go away.

1. 50/50 solution of vinegar and water. I spray my counter tops several times per day. Sometimes I use plain vinegar and other times apple cider vinegar. Either one is just as effective.

2. Fresh lemons. I simply cut up one lemon and add both the peelings and juice to vinegar and water. This is also great for wiping down surfaces and washing the floors.

3. Citrus peels. I used peelings from both lemons and oranges. We consume oranges and lemons most days. I place them where I have seen ants. Apparently citrus peelings are toxic to ants. Remove once they dry out.

4. Cinnamon sticks. Powder will also work.  I used sticks as they last longer and are less expensive. Place them where ants are present.

5. Cucumber peelings. Usually we do not remove the peelings before we eat ours but I use the both ends that were cut off and place on the counter top.

6. Garlic cloves. I found the most effective way to use these is to peel them and slice them. Then place them around where you see ants. Replace the next day.

Do you tried using natural methods to repel ants? What was the result?


  1. Hi Bismah. The ants come every summer in my house. I know I can't get rid of them but I definitely try to control them in the kitchen area. I did a post on this too. I spray down the counters with vinegar and water often. For other areas in the house, I put down baby powder and vacuum or sweep. It keeps them at bay!


    1. Hi Sharon!
      Thank you. I will check out your post for more ideas. They really are hard to get rid of without using something every day. They just seem to keep coming back.

  2. My mother in law has the worst luck with getting ants at her house. I have been lucky and have only had them once. Great natural ideas!

  3. Good info to know. I think that I will try the lemon peels. We juice lemons most days of the week, so we have them all of the time. Do you know if the lemon peels work in the garden? I have heard to use corn meal or coffee grinds. We are going to try corn meal and see...

    Following you back! --Mel S

  4. I have heard that corn meal works well too. Unfortunately I cannot buy that here.
    Depending on the temperature the lemon peels would probably dry up quickly. Don't hurt to try though.
    Best of luck!